Consultations provided locally (Santa Cruz county.) Includes map of your space, notable energetic conflicts, possible remedies, and colorful insinuations, all optionally tailored to your astrology (I use a Chinese system).

I take your decorating and lifestyle preferences as a rule when making these reports. Simplicity and sophistication only works for some folks; highly-curated artists’ and families-with-children spaces can have great chi, too. On the other foot it feels sparse, or cluttered, but this is a matter of personality, or elemental type. Having your astrology helps but people usually know their preference.

Basic feng shui report + astrology $150

Machines that go ping report $25

Ethnobotany report $25

The machines that go ping report measures the invisible things western science has developed machines to detect (EMFs, RFs, appliance tone disharmonies, etc.) Ironically fewer people believe in these things affecting physiology and cognition than feng shui–I don’t blame them at all. E&M is absurd, particularly optics. The machines say otherwise, though.

The ethnobotany report is for landscape design. Plants are living elements in our space, their character is louder than a pet’s sometimes. Find out what you have in your outside space–full species report and elemental concordances.

A basic site visit takes 30-45 minutes and generally only happens on Saturdays. I need at least two days to finish the report, delivered by email. Schedule at