Empty Desk, Empty Mind…

Empty desk empty mind. It is uncommon for someone interested in feng shui to advocate clutter, but I do. If you make your clutter work for you, it is your work, not your clutter. It must flow. Do not abandon it. Check in with all your projects regularly, and celebrate your beautiful multi-tasking mind!

I recently cleared part of my desk in advance of tax season and a move, and I was so proud I had to print out a copy of Einstein’s desk to keep myself humble. I hope you can see it–it is stacked, and so are his bookshelves.

Don’t be fooled by the lure of the attractive empty workspace, whether it is in your kitchen or your office. Those magazine photos are curated the way models are photo-shopped. And in terms of feng shui, they scream, “I care more about the way things look than how they work.” Be equitable, be hardworking, be humble, be kind–save being glamorous and photo-shopped for special occasions. It is ok to sweep it all under the rug for a big party, for example, just as it is ok to wear tons of makeup and Spanx to a big party. But do not be fooled.

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