Feng Shui is on Reuters!

After a long dusty time on the self-help shelf at the thrift store, feng shui is back in the news! Chinese people with a touch of the nostalgic are consulting the masters about their financial interests, according to this article.

Unromantic and rational critics of this industry in China, including the government, conclude that fortune telling is no way to make investments, although the article points out that it might be as good a way as any to divine the plans of a certain mercurial head of state who is vexing China with trade negotiations at the moment.

Originally employed to determine the best placement for one’s ancestral gravesite, feng shui can also be used to tell the future, as well as where to best situate your furniture. I don’t believe it is a good idea to make decisions about the future based on predictions this way, though. The future is too slippery and too clever.

Consider Mercury retrograde, a well-known European astrological phenomenon. Say you decide to avoid all traveling during Mercury retrograde, in an effort to avoid its bad luck, and you turn down an opportunity to go away for the weekend. Then you get a speeding ticket. Did it help to make that decision? Could it have been worse? Or did you just trade a speeding ticket in your home town for one in another city? There is no way to tell, and many ancient fables and folk tales warn us against trying.

Using the stars to inform your decision making isn’t a bad idea, but affecting the future should be your goal, not predicting it and outsmarting it. If you get a speeding ticket during Mercury retrograde, you should 1) pay it before you lose it (unlucky for paperwork then too,) and 2) put your New Year’s resolution to drive slower right up there on your dashboard and reform yourself properly! Be considerate people. Your actions determine your future at least as much as the stars, and it is more honest. The universe knows when you are trying to be clever.

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