Quiet Trouble is Like a Lightning Rod

Hi Friends! For my first post I’d like to discuss probability.

Have you ever felt like a danger magnet? Accident prone? Why do these things keep happening to me? Coincidences are things you notice that seem to stand out, statistics would dictate otherwise. It could be the weather–astrological weather varies quite a bit. You could have a lemon–some cars are more durable and some bodies step on toes while dancing. Or it could be a message–as animals we have a symbol-based code and repetition gets attention. I advise you to look into each possibility when trouble shooting.

For me, I’ve always attracted scary authoritarians. I’m scared of authoritarians, so it didn’t seem fair. I tried a lot of sensible things, therapy, vision quests, hiding. I tried a lot of crazy stuff–this is how I became interested in feng shui and Chinese elemental metaphysics, after all.

One of the things I tried was crystals, and it made things much worse.  Many earth and wood types will admit to themselves here secretly (you don’t have to raise your hand if you don’t want to) that they have a collection of pretty rocks somewhere–they followed me home! But using crystals intentionally is an art, an art which I knew nothing about. So I bought a pretty black tourmaline point and wore it for three weeks before it cracked. Then I bought another one, and it cracked. The third one also cracked, and by then I was up to my ears in difficulties, so I buried them in the yard and said an apology.

After doing some reading I began to think that as black tourmaline is used for grounding out negative energy (a very safe place for it), perhaps my problem lay in being already too conductive for the stuff. I’m sensitive to EMFs–my fingertip gets burned when I use my phone for anything–surely…

I have some jet but I’m afraid to wear it. It’s black volcanic glass, so theorhetically it will be bouncing negativity off and all over the place if I do. Other possibilities include:

Diamonds, expensive but light passes right through–please send some if you need me to try this out for you.

Amber, not a rock but it is insulating. On the other hand it also collects charge.

Sandstone or limestone: permeable to water, purifying it. Going to be difficult to wear.

What are the chances a simple choice of materials will affect something as complex as a running joke on your life? I hope those physicists among you are thinking about the spin on electrons changing when you look at them. I don’t like it when people tell me what to do either!

Very truly,
Quiet Trouble
Sleeping Redwood Forest

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